Friday, March 18, 2005

Jury Duty

Well it has been a very interesting week for me. I was asked to go to the court house to be a potential juror. I sat for almost a full week awaiting to be called. On Monday my panel was called, and I was chosen to be a trier for the first case. Basically this involves me talking to another person to decide if a potential juror looked good enough for the counsellors to consider. So within the first pick, I was sent back to the body of the court. But after 20 people had been considered, there was still 1 juror short, so my name was picked again. However I didn't get to face the accused, because they chose someone before me.
The next day I was chosen and faced the accused, but was 'challenged' by the crown, so I joined the body of the court again. And that was it. On Wednesday and Thursday they sent us home saying our services were not required for the rest of those days. The also told us that we would not be required to come back on Friday, either. I was a little disappointed, as I would have liked to sit on a jury, I think it would be very interesting. Real life drama.

So today is the beginning of March Break. No real plans, except for taking it easy and trying to get a little spring cleaning done. The school has decided to add March Break and Easter together, so I won't be going back to work till Tuesday March 29th.

I haven't been able to spend any time on my 101 things yet, (except a little knitting) but hope to get something started during the break.

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