Monday, January 02, 2006

I have it all (almost!)

I always seem to have defining moments in the shower!

Today I was thinking about how much I want a man in my life, when it occurred to me how fortunate I am.

  • I have an amazing kid

  • I have a job that I am passionate about

  • I have an apartment downtown that is rent geared to income

  • I have money left over at the end of each month to buy not only things that I need but some things that I want

  • I get the summers off and 2 weeks at Christmas as well as March break

  • I am relatively healthy

  • I look great for a woman turning 50 this year

  • I had a great childhood, without abuse

  • My parents were still together after 51 years of marriage when my mum died in 2004

  • I do not come from a dysfunctional family

  • I got a great education in an English co-ed boarding school

  • After being a single mum on welfare for a few years, I was awarded a scholarship and was able to further my education for free and build the foundation of my career

  • I live in a city that is tolerant of all people; their colour, their sexual orientation, their religion, their political views, their traditions

  • I have family and friends who support me in times of need

  • I have food in my kitchen and money in my bank account

I guess we are often blinded by what we don’t have or what we think we need to see how lucky we really are.

I am grateful for the wonderful life I am living, but having someone to share it with would surely make it more meaningful.

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Vincenze said...

It's funny how when you write it all out, and as you read them, you quickly forget about the the thing that is missing from your life. And you realise how much you actually have.

I agree, we often get blinded by what we want in life and forget to stop and enjoy what we already have.

Because all we have is now, right...

nice post, keep it up.