Sunday, January 01, 2006

A New Year begins

It has been forever since I last added anything here. Such is my life. Just not that much going on!

My son left on Thursday for a teaching position in Korea. It was a heart wrenching parting, but then I remembered when I was 18 and left England to live here in Canada. He is 23 and ready for an adventure, and I wish him lots of fun and discovery.

I spent New Years Eve at home trying my best to ignore the celebrations. I hate New Years. I have no one to kiss, so it feels quite lonely, therefore I ignore it, and usually watch a DVD.

I am in a cleaning mood. Since my son left I started with his room and cleaned it completely. That took half a day if you can believe that! And today I have been working on the kitchen. I have come up with loads of stuff to put on They'll love this stuff.

As for resolutions, I don't believe in them because every day we should try to do something new! Well that's what my friend Beatriz says! I think that having some hopes and dreams is a much better idea. I am still working on my 1001 things to do, but I haven't fulfilled as many as I had hoped by now. As for some hopes for 2006, I hope to
  • remain healthy
  • indulge in a long term intimate relationship
  • travel at least once in 2006
  • continue being passionate about my work
  • encourage my dad to visit me
  • see my son enjoying his choices
  • maintain and build friendships
  • live a relatively harmonious life with lots of spontaneity

I have a few dreams to!

  • Win some big money
  • Wake up beside a loving man each morning
  • Have someone else do the cleaning
  • Go to South Africa to see my mother's homeland and visit family
  • Buy a new livingroom suite
  • Grow vegetables in a garden

That's it. Not too far fetched, but dreams all the same.

So to all have a healthy and fun filled 2006!

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Alan said...


I hope you don't mind, but rather than post a 'comment' here for all to see, I instead sent an email to your yahoo address. (chickx1 ?) titled 'Your Blog.'

Cheers, and Happy New Year!