Sunday, January 15, 2006

Meet In Toronto

Having signed up with this website last March, I had yet to join in on any of the events set up. With it being a new year, one of the things I promised myself I'd do again this year was to socialize more. So the first event I signed up for was a karaoke night. It happened that someone who had read and commented on my blog had shown some interest in my quest for a relationship, and seemed to be a willing participant, so I suggested we meet at this event. He never showed up and I have yet to hear from him! However I went into the club that I had assumed was a karaoke club. Alas, it was not at all as I had thought. It turned out to be a karaoke ROOM! If you are afraid of singing in front of people you can rent a room and sing to your hearts content, or even invite others who are like minded. I stayed for 30 minutes knowing this was definitely NOT my thing, but not wanting to seem rude by walking in then walking out. Besides being in a small room about 8' square with 3 men, all strangers, was not really my idea of fun!
The following day I joined in another event, a walk in High Park. It was snowing, but the weather was pretty mild. This was a much more successful event. There were only 6 of us but it made for an interesting hour and half. We walked up and down hill, checked out the animals in the zoo and took a few photos in the children's playground. And of course with snow around I had to throw a few snowballs. The others didn't seem so interested, but I got a few thrown, eventhough I only hit 1 or 2 targets!!
We left the park and found an excellent restaurant for lunch, where the food was delicious. So after a great walk, amazing food and good company we all parted ways and went home.
My third event was on Friday night for the Happy Hour at One Up. I met Beatriz there and we had dinner first. The salad was incredible but the main course left a lot to be desired. We joined the others in the lounge and got ourselves a drink. Of course, as usual we were the oldest patrons there, and after the drink, and no one bothering to approach us, we left.
So I have made an effort in the past couple of weeks, but as usual no luck! I don't actually go out expecting to meet anyone, rather I go intending to make some friends and have a little fun. I'm not sure that this is the right group of people to have fun with. They seemed a little concerned with making the wrong impression on people, (who couldn't have fun throwing snowballs?). So I will give it a few more tries and then see how it goes.

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