Friday, January 06, 2006

My son, the teacher in Korea

So here it is.

My son has been in touch with me and things are looking good for him in his new job. He has 10 kids who are about 10 years old. In the afternoons he teaches all the other classes, a different one each day. His specialty is teaching body parts. He has set up some fun games for them to learn. His morning group of kids were a bit of a challenge at first. They are a bright bunch, and some of them were more advanced in English than the book they are studying from.

He has to eat lunch and dinner with them, and he says he is not that excited about the food, although it only took him a couple of days to master the chopstick. He needs to get more fibre and fruit in his diet, if you know what I mean!!

He hopes to get another job in Seoul when this one finishes at the end of the month. He has a few friends there, and that would be better if he could hang out with them. There are other teachers from all over the world teaching there. His room mate went to school in Cambridge, England.

So I have to say that I am incredibly proud of him and all his efforts. It takes a special person to pull up stakes and check out life in another part of the world. Although I am not really surprised. My mother left her native South Africa when she was 21 and lived the rest of her life in England. I left England when I was 18 and have been here in Canada ever since. So it was almost expected that he would try life in another country. My secret wish is that he doesn't stay there the rest of his life. I want him back here in Canada, the best country in the world!

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