Wednesday, August 19, 2009


My life is one full of adventure, mishaps, travel, challenges, ups and downs. And now on to another adventure, looking for love.

I have tried online dating.
  • Lavalife was so much fun. I noticed that when I listed myself as looking to date or relationship, that I got almost no attention. But the minute I signed into intimate encounters, there were men jumping out of the monitor trying to get my attention.
  • eHarmony seemed promising as I filled out endless pages of information on what I wanted and what I was like. Alas, the two men who showed interest fizzled out when it came time to meet. I had over 250 profiles sent to me and only 2 showed mutual interest. I even tried to increase the area I was willing to travel, but that didn't work either. Six months of looking and nothing to show for it. Not even a date.
  • Plenty of Fish is a free site that sends matches regularly, but looking at the men and their interests was a bit disheartening. Too many men like to cuddle up in front of t.v. watching a movie. Where is the adventure, where is the excitement and anticipation?

I've tried social network groups.
  • Meetin has a group here in Toronto, but is seems to be younger people who are new to the city looking to make friends. It is also well known that it is not to be used as a dating site. I did attend many events and even hosted a number of my own, but no potential boyfriends showed up.
  • Meetup has so many groups it is hard to keep them all straight. I did join a over forty's singles group, and the first event was for women only!! And it seemed to me that the night ended up with the majority of the women bashing men. I tried on two other occasions to join meetings but alas, they were canceled.
  • Couchsurfing is a fantastic online group where people offer their homes to others from anywhere in the world to stay a night or two. You can travel and see your destination through your host's eyes. I have hosted over 40 people in the last 2 years, the average age of the surfers is 30 perhaps. I have made amazing friends, but no potential dates here either.
  • Meet Market Adventures was tons of fun. A group specifically for people who love adventures and to meet others who have similar interests. I enjoyed so many of the adventures, horse back riding, glidersoaring, dog sledding, circus school, hiking, and so much more. The average age was about 30. Made lots of friends again, but no dates.
So what else is out there?
  • The bar scene. I'm so over that, although if there is potential there I will give it a go. Where do all the eligible men go, you know, the ones looking for a woman over fifty?
  • Take a course. I can't think of courses that would interest me that men would be interested in too. Scrapbooking? Card making? Gluten-free cooking?
  • The Gym. I'm a member at the gym, and I love working out there. It seems the men are there to take care of their bodies, not looking for over 50 women.
  • Speed Dating. Been to many and figured out how to get men interested, but once we have exchanged email addresses, there seems to be little interest on their part. Why put my name down, if you aren't going to call me?

I am sure I am missing other ways of meeting men who are looking to enhance their lives by having me in it.

But what are they?

Where are they?

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