Saturday, August 01, 2009

THERE'S NO JOB TOO BIG, (oh yes there is!)

I have the summers off and decided that it would be a great idea to clear out my scrap room, purge and put stuff back in an organized manner.

What a joke!

I took EVERYTHING out of the room and put it in the living room on Monday. I did this because I have a guest coming to stay today, and knew it would be incentive to clean it up quickly. WRONG!

I did quite a lot everyday, but it just didn't seem to look like I did anything. So today I scrambled about trying to organize stuff, but unfortunately I ended up just shoving stuff in boxes and putting it in the scraproom. I still have time to spend in there doing little bits every day, but it really is overwhelming. And I only threw out about 2 garbage bags of stuff, and have only a small box of giveaways. I really tried hard to get rid of stuff I don't use anymore, and stuff that has sat around for a year collecting dust.

My biggest sin is the scraps of left over paper and cardstock. I just can not throw it out. I have promised myself to go through it again early next week and throw out those little strips and pieces smaller than 4 x 4.

Last night in bed I was convinced that I have some sort of illness that makes me think I need more stuff. With all the paper, card, embellishments, stamps, inks, and other yummy stuff, I still visit any store that sells stuff that I think will fit on a card or page.


Also I realize that when you do decide to organize, it makes sense to have the right boxes, shelves, and storage systems BEFORE you start. Well at least now I know what I need. The room is only 5'9" x 9'6", and with all the mismatched shelving and boxes, that don't fit, I realize I need to go out and invest in some useful pieces, (lol, more money to spend!)

What a way to spend a holiday weekend!

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