Friday, August 21, 2009

Six Degrees of Love

I have experienced love or what could be considered love probably 6 times in my life.

My first love, Kevin was when I was 15. He was at the same boarding school as me, and he was a year younger. We shared so much in that last year at school. It was a sweet and simple love. But it ended once I left and went on to work, and he continued his education.

The second was a blind date. But now I think about it, it was lust more likely. Larry was a musician playing trombone with the Woody Herman Orchestra. We made each other very happy. Even though he went to England on tour and asked my parents for permission to marry me, it wasn’t meant to be. His was a life I couldn’t keep up with, and so I decided to leave.

The third was my son’s father, who still refuses to think of my son as his. Stanley was also a musician who played trumpet for the National Ballet of Canada Orchestra. We had a passionate fling, he being 17 years older; I am convinced that was infatuation, not love. When I got pregnant, he wanted nothing to do with me. I thought that if I didn’t push, he’d come around. My son doesn’t know his father.

The fourth was a man that I met through an introductory service, (pre internet dating). Looking at Ron I thought we had nothing in common, but I felt at ease talking to him. After 2 years I ended the relationship, realizing that it never really was love. I was happy to have someone accept me as a woman with a child.

The fifth was not really love, but it sure was fun. I hung out with a neighbour who was in the entertainment business. We hit it off, but he had a girlfriend who was overseas. He was looking for someone, as was I, to go out with and have a bit of fun. That’s what we did, until he married his girlfriend.

And finally the real true love of my life. George. Again a blind date, and again I thought we had nothing in common, but he was the sweetest, loving man I’ve ever met. In fact the relationship was so great, that we questioned why things were so perfect. We made the decision to go with it full tilt, and enjoy the ride. It ended three years after we met. He died suddenly, and I missed him incredibly.

In the mean time I have had my share of dates and short relationships that were fun initially, but fizzled out when the excitement vanished.

I am open again to find the man who will enhance my life. And I do have a lot to offer.

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