Monday, April 01, 2013

Day 25

Well I did manage to get my lazy butt to the gym today. This once a week thing just has to stop, I need to go at least 3 days a week. Anyway I spent 30 minutes on the bike, doing some sprints, then on to the machines for another 45 minutes. I felt good.

Laundry day, since I have the day off! I also planned to go shopping with my friend Vanessa. She bought 2 beautiful dresses, a pair of shoes, earrings, bracelet and a clutch. Then I was supposed to go to another Raptors basketball game at 7pm, however I cancelled the basketball game, as I wasn't really into going.

Day 25

  • Breakfast: Protein smoothie, spinach, celery, cucumber, apple, blueberries, protein powder
  • After workout: Greek yogourt, strawberry puree
  • Lunch: Scrambled egg, roasted veggies, beets
  • Dinner: Fish, sweet potato, green beans, beets

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