Thursday, March 16, 2006

Allen Gardens, Toronto

I spent an hour in the tropics today! Not really, just walked to the local green house and immersed my senses in the wonderful surroundings. When I arrived there were hoards of people, which annoyed me, as I like to go there and for the quiet and imagine myself somewhere hot and exotic.

So I went to the other end, my favourite end where the cactus plants are. They fascinate me, not sure why, but they just do. I tend to see more than the plant, I see people and objects in them.

Every time I go to the green house there are artists there. There was just 1 when I arrived, but 5 when I left. I wish I had the ability to paint those wonderful visions, but I did take lots of photos. Click on my title for a link to see them.

After the cactus plants I made my way to the east end, and most of the noisy families had left. I couldn't see any fish today, and the fountain pond was so murky that I couldn't see anything in there either.

The water wheel turned effortlessly as the noise of the constant rush of the water fell. Two kids ran past me as I was attempting to get this shot. One yelled "sorry" as he almost knocked me over. "I doubt it," I said. But then they were gone and tranquility returned.

An hour spent filling my nostrils with the tantalizing scents of the flowers, and my eyes and heart with the beauty of this place was just what I needed.

If you have never visited this little bit of paradise in Toronto, make time to go there. If you have been before, it's time to reimmerse yourself in this amazing environment.

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