Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Birthday Present

I got a birthday present today from my son in Korea. I picked up the package from the post office and hurried home to open it.

Inside were 5 presents and an envelope containing a card with special message on the front. I opened the first one and to my delight was a lovely notebook, with lovely textured pages inside. The next gifts were dvds of the new movie The Pink Panther, then Tim Buton's Corpse Bride and finally RENT. I was just saying that I would watch some movies this March Break, and now I can. The last little package had a cute little key ring in it. It flashes a picture of what looks like a little Korean cartoon girl. There are some Korean words, but I've no idea what it says! The card that was inside the envelope was so cute with a bear and star jewels on it.

What a great surprise. And it arrived at a great time, too.

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