Saturday, March 18, 2006

St. Patricks Day Celebration

The plan was to meet Kat and her friends at Fionn McCools to celebrate St. Patty's Day. Kat said to bring along friends, so I listed it on the board, and told them to meet me in the line at 7 pm. Kat called me before I left to let me know she would be at least an hour late!

I left my apartment at 7. It was cold out there! I waited for 45 minutes and started talking to 2 women waiting along side me. I told them that I was waiting for others to join me, but didn't know who they were. After a while Jackie said to me that if I didn't find these friends, then I could join them. They introduced themselves, and the other woman's name was Becky.
"Kat's friend Becky?" I asked.
"Yes!" she said.
"Then you are the people I am waiting for! I'm Mary.
On hearing this, one of the guys standing behind me said, "Are you the Mary from MeetIn?"
"That's me."
And the guy standing beside him said, "I am supposed to meet someone from MeetIn whose name is John."
"I'm John!" said the first guy.

WOW! Talk about wierd.

There we were, all standing together not knowing each other, but supposed to be meeting each other!

After waiting in line for 2 hours and 15 minutes, and no Kat in sight, we finally got inside only to have to pay a $5 cover charge! Well that's not too bad I suppose. Although I think they made us wait till after 9 pm just to get the money out of us. Another friend of Becky's, Natalie, showed up shortly after.

We got in before the band started so we were well lubricated enough to sing along and dance to Celtic music, (I'm not usually a lover of this genre!) We stood along the stage area and met a bunch of people some of which were line buddies of ours. My camera was passed around and I ended up with photos of people I know nothing about. One of them begged me not to email the pictures, but I have no clue who she was! The Guinness flowed along with the Kilkenny. We danced along to music that was foot stompin' and side slappin'! And we posed for the Global News t.v cameras, as we became "famous!"

I left at 11:45 as I was hungry and needed to eat something! But a fun time was had, meeting new friends.

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