Wednesday, March 01, 2006

So this is what 50 looks like!

Pretty fantastic, don't you think?

I went to my hairdresser who curled my hair within an inch of it's life, very sexy! It made me look great. I was going to get someone to do makeup for me, but since I already looked pretty good, I figured I only needed mascara and lipstick, and I can do that!

Beatriz came over around 5 pm and we took a cab to the Oasis and set up the room with some decorations. I also set up the Karaoke machine and the t.v. I had brought along bubbles, funny glasses, leis, necklaces, bracelets, and some party poppers that I placed on the tables. Francesca said they would serve the food at around 10 pm. We left to go home and get ready.

After dressing and applying the makeup, (I was thinking now that I am older I should learn how to use the stuff, but quickly changed my mind!) I took the subway and streetcar to College St and arrived at about 9 pm. I met Dan our waiter and placed the birthday book on the table along with the money pot and play money.

The guests arrived shortly after, and after placing their $10 in the pot I gave them $25 play money. My guests included: Alex and Mona, Anna and Art, Kathryn and Robert, Bruce and Oscar, Beatriz, Kat, Blair, Vanessa and Sharon, Maria, Mehmet, Meggie and Marina and Louisa and Debby.

It took a while before anyone would think of a dare, but I began by daring Bruce to sing karaoke for $5. Pretty safe as I knew that he could sing well! Before long people were daring each other to chug-a-lug, sing karaoke, dance, take items of clothing off, massage, and other silly things. In general everyone had a great time. The tapas was amazing with lots of compliments going to the cook.

Kat then took the microphone and said some kind words, and had everyone sing Happy Birthday to me. They gave me a fruit punch with pineapple and a strawberry on top with a candle sticking out of the strawberry. Very nice.

The night continued with dancing, eating, and socializing. At midnight everyone counted their money and Kathryn's table had the most, (they did the removal of clothing, so no surprise there!). I awarded them half of the money in the pot $100, which they promptly gave back. I wasn't expecting that! But it was great as all the money collected ($200) paid for the food.

At the end of the night Beatriz helped me pack up the stuff and we got into a cab and returned home. I then had the time to open gifts that people had given me: p.j's from Louisa, chocolates from Alex and Mona, a gift certificate for scrapbook supplies from Sharon, a gift certificate for Winners from Anna and Art, a necklace and aroma candles from Kat, a facial spa from Maria and family, dipping oils and decanter from Vanessa and Blair and a gift certificate for a facial and makeup application from Beatriz.

After Beatriz left I went through the birthday book to read some of the comments people had written. It was so warming to have these people share in the celebration of this milestone in my life.

All in all it was a great party with wonderful friends and now I look forward to the second half of my life!

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