Saturday, March 04, 2006

Hurry Up and Be Patient!

There is great benefit in learning to wait calmly and creatively. Here is a "waiting checklist" to test your waiting skills:

  • Do you expect delays, or do they catch you unawares? Do you anticipate those times when you are likely to have to wait?
  • Do you calmly let your inner motor idle though others around you may be stripping their gears?
  • Do you welcome unexpected delays as a gift of time, which can be used creatively? Do you use the free time to plan ahead or quietly meditate (to get in touch with your soul)?
  • Do you prepare for delays? Do you have work or entertainment handy when forced to wait?

How did you do on the exercise? Are you making the most of your waiting time? We will never escape delays, but we can use them creatively. Now is the time to hurry up and be patient!

Excerpt from Steve Goodier's book Touching Moments

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